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Roller brake tester RT800W

The RT800W motorcycle roller brake tester is the reliable, robust and maintenance friendly tester which analyses the conditions of the brakes of all types of motorcycles, scooters and sidecars.

Available in 1-PHASE and 3-PHASE!

In addition to measure the brake force per wheel, the operator can determine important quantities like ovality and brake fading for each wheel. Each individual measurement of the front, rear and sidecar wheel controlled by both brake control systems can be stored in the computer’s memory.

The roller brake tester is standard equipped with a 4-point weighing system. This system automatically weighs each wheel and can therefore calculate the brake efficiency for each brake control system by relating the brake forces of that system to the total weight of the motorcycle.

The efficiencies are presented on the display as well as on an optional print out. The results can be compared with the legal requirements.

Special attention has been given to prevent damage to the tyres. The rollers quickly stop when slippage occurs, even during the start-up of the motors. All roller brake testers are equipped with reliable worm gear motors.

  • Integrated 4-point weighing system.
  • Bi-directional facility.
  • Easy Exit® drive out of rollers.
  • Roller cover plate.
RT800W top agle view.jpg


Measuring range
3000 N
Maximum wheel load
750 kg
Roller speed
2,9 km/h
Roller dimensions
206 x 300 mm
Hot dip zinc
80 x 62 x 31 cm
1 x 1,5 kW (3PH) or 1 x 2,2kW (1PH)
Power supply
3PH 400 V / 50 Hz (3PH) or 1PH 230 V / 50 Hz (1PH)
Brochure downloads
Altus RT800W-M801