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Car in brake tester

Altus-Escon-Company B.V. manufactures diagnostic test lanes for vehicle inspection stations, service shops and garages.

Car in brake tester

Altus-Escon-Company B.V. manufactures diagnostic test lanes for vehicle inspection stations, service shops and garages.


(March 23, 2022)


Shipment ready for INDONESIA.
Our RT9241 brake tester with integrated weighing for heavy vehicles in combination with the TSS1000 sideslip meter and console 4202T is the preferred configuration. Also included in the shipment is the PD5730 play detector.

Thank you Erna for your effort.


(Nov. 14, 2021)

25th Anniversary

On November 14th, 2021, exactly 25 YEARS ago Altus-Escon-Company B.V. was founded. A big THANK YOU to all our customers, suppliers and our staff who have all helped us to reach this milestone. Many of you are already with us from the start.
Looking forward to the next 25 years!

Altus-Escon-Company B.V. was formed in 1996 via the merge of the companies Analogic Engineering (already selling garage equipment under the brand name Altus) and Escon International (already selling under the brand name Escon).

25 jaar2.png

(Aug. 23, 2021)

ISO9001 Renewal

Renewal of our ISO9001 Certification following the norm 9001:2015.


(Jan. 1, 2021)

Changes support/service department

We would like to inform you about some changes within our support/service department.
Mr. Marcel Lubbers, who has been responsible for the support/service department for the last 30+ years, has now retired and is no longer involved in the day-to-day activities.

We ask you to send all your support questions to One of the members of our team will pick this up and assist you further. Alternatively, you can call our support number at +31 (0)88 258 37 73.

(Sept. 26, 2020)

New website

We are proud to announce the launch of our new website. We hope you like the new fresh look and improved navigation which allows you to easily find information about all our available garage equipment.

You can find information about:
- our company
- all our products with the latest features
- all available brochures
- the latest news on new developments and new introductions

Please visit all our new websites at:


(Sept. 25, 2020)

New service website

We are proud to announce the launch of our new service website.
Click the 'service login' icon at the right top. You will be redirected to
For authorised Altesco dealers only.


(Aug. 24, 2020)

Network printing

The option to connect the analogue/digital display (on selected models only) into the LAN and print automatically via the LaneComm software to any available network printer.

Just press PRINT on the test lane remote control and the print is available at a remote PC and printer in for example the reception. Please contact us for further information.


(March 2, 2020)

Introducing the PD3600

The hydraulic PD3600 play detector is designed to check quickly and efficiently most steering and suspension components of passenger cars and light trucks. It meets the EU Directive 2014/45/EU.

Sliding force/platform, 8000 N. Stroke 96 mm, Test speed 60 mm/sec.

(Aug. 10, 2019)

Play detector follows 2014/45/EU requirements.

The play detector PD2600 series for passenger cars and the PD5800 series for heavy vehicles meet the EU Directive 2014/45/EU requirements.

(May 20, 2019)

New suspension tester with phase-shift

The new suspension tester ST2001-F is now available. Besides adhesion, the ST2001-F also measures Phase Shift.

The ST2001-F can be connected to any analogue/digital display and follows the regulations of the Belgium inspection procedure.

RT200x + ST2001

(April 1, 2019)

Full package for caravan/trailer testing

Now available: Full package for testing caravans and trailers.
Roller brake tester RT9001 or RT9002  + Weighing system  + Overrun brake simulator  + Liftsystem + Display.

OBS combinatie.png

(Jan. 4, 2019)

Introducing the SS32 digital display

The SS32 is the modern stand alone digital display for the sideslip meter for light and heavy vehicles. Standard supplied with wall bracket and automatic reset for the next test.

Print via the web browser!

Display altesco SS32 combinatie.png
Test routine:
  • Drive up.
  • Let the vehicle wheel roll over the sideslip meter plate.
  • Read the test results.
  • If preferred: Assign results to an axle.
  • If preferred: Print results.
  • Print results direct from the display or connect the display into the network and print via the web browser from a available network printer.

(Sept. 14, 2018)

ISO9001 & 14001 Renewal

Renewal of our ISO9001 & ISO14001 Certification following the new norm 9001:2015 & 14001:2015.


(June 15, 2018)

Introducing Altus Emission testers

The AP1534 is a combined 4-gas analyser (AP1544) and smoke meter (AP1554). It can operate as a stand alone unit or can be integrated in the Altus Atlas test lane software.
Meets the internationally recognized MID 2014/32/EU (OIML R99 class 0) requirements.

IMG_5718+5689 - Transparant.png

(June 15, 2018)

Introducing Altus Headlight testers

New in the range are the headlight testers HT3000 series. Can operate as a stand alone unit or can be integrated in the Altus Atlas test lane software.

HT300x combinatie-grey background RGB240.png

(Jan. 1, 2018)

Introducing the RT2002-LP22

The new RT2002-LP22 roller brake tester. The PERFECT solution to position ON FLOOR in front of a 4-post lift or on its own in combination with hot dip galvanised RAMPS.

Only 22 cm high!

The RT2002-LP22 can also be installed OUTDOORS in combination with hot dip galvanised RAMPS and the L60-OD analogue/digital display.

RT2002-LP22 Lift Ramps

(Jan. 1, 2018)

L60-OD Outdoor display

The L60-OD is designed for OUTDOOR installation. Supplied with heating device and weather protection roof. The perfect combination with the RT2002-LP22 to create a ON FLOOR and OUTDOOR roller brake tester.



Please contact us for further information.


Altus-Escon-Company B.V.