AP1534 Gas analyser & smoke meter

The AP1534 is a combined 4-gas analyser (AP1544) and smoke meter (AP1554). It can operate as a stand alone unit or can be integrated in the Altus Atlas test lane software of the 4200L console (passenger cars) or 4202T console (heavy vehicles).

The AP1544 gas analyser and AP1554 smoke meter are standard supplied with sample probe and oil temperature sensor. A RPM inductive clamp is included with the gas analyser. A RPM piëzo clamp is included with the smoke meter.

Standard features:

  • 6 large LED displays
  • 8 'easy to operate' front keys
  • Integrated thermal printer
  • Simple test routines
  • RPM and Oil temperature measurement

The analyser meets the internationally recognized MID 2014/32/EU (OIML R99 class 0) requirements.

Also available is model AP1564. A smoke meter not comined with the gas analyser.

Trolley for AP1534
NOx sensor kit
Electronic RPM adaptor
Stand alone smoke meter

Specifications 4-gas analyser:
Carbon monoxide CO: 0-10% Vol
Carbon dioxide CO2: 0-20% Vol
Hydro carbon HC: 0-10000 ppm Vol
Oxygen O2: 0-25% Vol
Lambda: 0.5-9.999
Oil temperature: 0-150 °C
RPM: 400-10000 1/min

Specifications smoke tester:
Opacity: 0-99,9% / 0-9,99 m-1
Oil temperature: 0-150 °C
Cell temperature: 0-150 °C
RPM: 300-9990 1/min


AP1544 Gas analyser

AP1554 Smoke meter

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