RT9241 Truck Roller Brake Tester

The RT9241 truck roller brake tester is a dual roller bed and can therefore be installed on the left and right side of an inspection pit. Both the brake forces as well as the difference left/right of an axle are clearly presented on the monitor display. The operator can determine important quantities like rolling resistance, actuation force, ovality (out-of-roundness) and brake fading for each wheel.

The RT9241 is standard equipped with raised rear rollers, electronic motor brake and with automatic slip detection (101.6 mm sensing roller). Even with the heaviest loaded axle, it causes no problems to drive out of the rollers. The chassis is hot dip zinc and all moving components are equipped with quality bearings. This reduces the maintenance on the brake tester to a minimum.

A weighing system is available as an option. With this weighing facility, the deceleration (brake efficiency) of the vehicle will be calculated and compared with legal requirements for the service-, parking- and the emergency brake systems.

Steel rollers
Floor frames (hot dip zinc)
Cover plates (hot dip zinc)
Load Simulator; capacity 10.000 kg
RF remote control set (wireless)
RF air pressure measuring set (wireless)
Air pressure transducer (cable connected)
8-point weighing system
TSS1000 Sideslip meter

Maximum axle load: 16 ton
Roller speed: 2.6 km/h
Brake force maximum: 40 kN
Rollers: 250 x 1000 mm
Diameter sensing roller: 101.6 mm
Power supply: 2 x 15 kW; 3 phase, 400 V, 50 Hz
Including motor brake
With integrated electronics including Star-Delta switching
Including reversible rollers for 4x4
Chassis: hot dip zinc


Truck Roller Brake Tester



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