HT3000 headlight tester

The HT3000 is an electronic headlight beam setter based on an adjustable 3 wheel trolley, equipped with PC connection RS232 and mirror visor. It can operate as a stand alone unit or can be integrated in the Altus Atlas test lane software of the 4200L console (passenger cars) or 4202T console (heavy vehicles). Communication between the headlight tester and test lane PC via RS232 cable. Bluetooth is optional.

The HT3000 is equipped with LCD display and membrane control keyboard. The operator is guided throught the test with a few easy steps.

The HT3000 enables a deviaton check on the headlight position of 1cm/10meters.

The screen inside the unit is viewed through the top window. It is a scaled down reproduction of a test screen placed at a distance of 10 meter from the vehicle.

Standard features:

  • Mirror visor
  • RS232 connection
  • Control keyboard
  • LCD digital display
  • Vertical sliding system
  • Turning column (foot control)
  • Centimeter scale on column

Laser pointing system
Set of rails


Dimensions: 600x670x1740mm (LxWxH)
Weight: +/- 34kg

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- Cars
- Commercial vehicles
- Motorcycles
- Caravans & Trailers

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