Easy Exit® Lift System

The pneumatic Easy Exit® lift system makes it easier to drive the vehicle out of the roller brake tester. When the brake test is finished the lift lifts the wheels of the vehicle out of the roller brake tester.

The lift system is fully automatic operated under software control. The lift is available for the RT2001, RT2002 and RT9001, RT9002, RT9014 in combination with the following consoles: 4200L, 1600L, 901L, L601, 614T.

1) Default, the lift is in the upper position.
2) Drive onto the brake tester.
3) The wheels press the wheel detection rollers down.
4) The lift moves down.
5) The optional weighing starts.
6) The roller brake test starts.
7) When finished, the lift rises.
8) Drive of the brake tester.

Specifications lift RT2001/RT2002:
Lifting capacity: 1200 kg/wheel
Operating pressure: 7 bar
Chassis: hot dip zinc

Specifications lift RT9001/RT9002/RT9014:
Lifting capacity: 2000 kg/wheel
Operating pressure: 9 bar
Chassis: hot dip zinc

Easy Exit® Lift System

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