TX-A/D Analogue Digital Parallel Display

The TX parallel display can be connected to all available monitor consoles for truck test lanes.

Real time values are displayed in parallel to the monitor and can be used by the operator as a read-out unit while testing a vehicle.

With large 42 cm diameter concentric pointers for brake forces and a digital LED display for all numerical values. Standard supplied with wall bracket.

Pivoting wall bracket

Dimensions: 635 x 635 x 210 mm


TX Analogue/Digital Parallel Display

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- Cars
- Commercial vehicles
- Motorcycles
- Caravans & Trailers

Product Groups
- Combo testers
- Consoles for roller testers
- Emission testers
- Headlight testers
- Pedal force & Air pressure
- Plate brake testers
- Play detectors
- Roller brake testers
- Roller tester add-ons
- Sideslip meters
- Speedometers
- Suspension testers

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